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Tara Massouleh McCay is a writer and editor based in Birmingham, Alabama. She was previously associate editor at Birmingham magazine and has been contributing to local and regional publications since 2015. She loves sports, spicy food, and above all the art of storytelling.

New Hi-Wire Brewing in Birmingham combines craft beer, games, and community

2023-01-25T10:36:13-06:00By |Food & Drink|

It’s an unusually cold night in downtown Birmingham, but the chilly temperatures haven’t deterred the small groups of people trickling into Hi-Wire Brewing. The city’s newest brewery has only been open for a couple months, but it’s already built a reputation for itself thanks to its excellent craft beer selection, expansive space, and fun selection of games. Tonight happens to be a biweekly puzzle night, and the turnout is impressive. Small groups huddle around 500-piece jigsaw puzzles. Dogs laze around on the floor, and folks mill up to the bar to grab a pint every couple of minutes. 

Birmingham transgender resource center celebrates 10 years

2023-02-06T14:38:41-06:00By |Living|

Ten years ago, Birmingham native Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd had a conversation at a dining table and unknowingly built a community that would go on to positively impact the lives of hundreds in Alabama. “Being a Black trans woman, I’ve experienced a lot of hardship in Birmingham,” Duncan-Boyd says. “I just really had no place to receive services or resources, so I created TAKE as a peer group to hear the voices of other Black trans women.”

6 questions with Birmingham artist Kyle Rodgers

2023-01-06T08:28:40-06:00By |Art, Culture|

Politics and art don’t typically go hand in hand, but for Birmingham-based artist Kyle Rodgers, the two will forever be intertwined. The Charleston native discovered a passion for art during a decades-long career as a lobbyist where he traveled up to 300 days a year. During long and lonely business trips, he created constantly. Using an iPad app, he interpreted everything he saw, from people dining at coffee shops to folks waiting at airport terminals. He quickly found faces to be his forte and spent hours painting blues and jazz musicians, cowboys, and Native Americans. Though he certainly has his favorite subjects, Rodgers will paint just about anything that comes to his mind—and on any surface that he can get. During the pandemic, he painted an entire series of magazine covers on brown paper Trader Joe’s bags. “I just have to create,” he says. “If I’m out jogging, and I hear a song, I’m painting the song in my head.” Though Rodgers still works as the vice president of external affairs for Spire, he paints any chance he gets and is excited to get more of his work out in the world. 

6 fun ways to get fit in 2023

2022-12-21T10:23:03-06:00By |Living|

After the indulgence of the holiday season, you may never want to see another Christmas cookie or glass of eggnog again. And though you enjoyed your time off, you may even be tired of lounging on the couch. If you’re hoping to get the new year started with a little extra pep in your step, a new workout routine might be the way to go. Instead of hitting up your usual treadmill at the gym, shake things up with a fun fitness class in 2023. Whether you want to pedal to the beat, take a swing at a punching bag, or get your adrenaline going on a rock wall, here are six fun workout trends to check out.    

Adios Bar in Birmingham celebrates the owners’ Mexican heritage

2023-02-09T13:17:36-06:00By |Food & Drink, News|

When Jose Medina Camacho was growing up, the last thing he wanted to do was work in the hospitality industry. After immigrating from Michoacán, Mexico with his mother and brother at the age of 3, he spent many of his adolescent years working in his uncles’ restaurants in Tuscaloosa, Jasper, and beyond. “My grandfather was a dishwasher at the restaurant,” he says. “All my uncles were cooks. It was kind of like a family affair.”

6 Questions with Anne Forschler-Tarrasch of the Birmingham Museum of Art

2022-11-21T12:16:26-06:00By |Art, Culture|

With more than 27,000 paintings, prints, drawings, and decorative arts pieces dating from ancient to modern times, the Birmingham Museum of Art is a big source of pride for the Magic City. Since opening in 1951, the free art museum has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to view and engage with art through galleries, exhibitions, and special events. We sat down with the museum’s Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, to learn more about how the museum functions and what to expect when visiting. 

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