A Man About Town: A conversation with local designer Channing Estell

For this month's A Man About Town column, Randall Porter speaks with Channing Estell about growing up in the South and her clothing line, Garden of Eden. The mission of the brand is spreading love and bringing awareness to the importance of mental health through fashion. May is Mental [...]

By |May 15, 2023|

A Man About Town: How to cultivate your personal style

The problem isn't necessarily that you have nothing to wear, but that you have nothing you like to wear. This happens when you shop without your personal style in mind. And it can change with each season. We have all been there and out of all of the choices, nothing feels like you.

By |April 17, 2023|

The Birmingham-based designer redefining casual luxury

Danielle Dean the Label is “a luxury brand with an artisanal focus on well-crafted hemp-based clothing. We cultivate a spirit of adventure and keep social, environmental, and ethical issues at heart. We believe in protecting our natural world by changing the marketplace landscape with sustainable clothing. The Danielle Dean woman is high-spirited - she doesn’t chase fads, and she approaches fashion with a spontaneous yet distinct personality.”

By |March 1, 2023|

A Man About Town: Randall’s favorite brands to shop this holiday season

“Don’t be eye candy. Be soul food. You don’t have to be defined by one dream or one job title for your entire life. Get out of any job or relationship that makes you feel small. Instead, position yourself for growth by surrounding yourself with the people and the spaces that encourage it. Identify what your passion is, then figure out what your mission is, and do it.” – Elanie Welteroth 

By |December 10, 2022|
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